DHR assures public assistance recipients: no interruption in benefits

June 30, 2005

ATLANTA (GA) – Public Housing residents in Atlanta who face eviction can be assured that public assistance benefits will not be interrupted due to a change in address. Since 1997, Georgia’s Food Stamp and TANF recipients have received their monthly disbursements through an EBT card issued by the state. These cards, which function like a traditional debit card, allow public assistance recipients to receive cash benefits electronically. “No physical address is required,” said DHR’s Mary-Ellen Brown, who oversees the TANF program for the Division of Family and Children Services. “The cards are loaded on the first of each month, with no restrictions on use,” Brown noted.

TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) is a public assistance program for impoverished families with minor children. The program is administered, along with Food Stamps, by DHR’s Division of Family and Children Services. There is a four year limit on cash assistance. Work is a major component of TANF. Adult recipients are required to participate in work activity or job training program. These activities help recipients to gain valuable experience, as they transition to self-sufficiency. “Welfare is not good enough for a child… that’s why we stress work and encourage TANF participants to go to work,” said B.J. Walker, DHR Commissioner.

For information, contact:
Ari Young; 404-657-1387

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