Gwinnett County Parents behind on Child Support offered a chance to get back on track

May 12, 2006

ATLANTA (GA) – More than 1,800 parents who are at least ten months behind in their court-ordered child support payments have been invited to report to the Lawrenceville office of the Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) on May 15, 16 or 17 and make a payment in order to avoid having legal actions taken against them. The parents must meet with OCSS staff, pay a minimum amount and work out payment schedules to eliminate their arrears. Parents who wish to pay but are unemployed or don’t earn enough will be referred to the Fatherhood Program, which provides low-income parents who owe child support with training at state technical colleges and counseling so they can increase their earning power.

"Child support helps children have a better life, and helps many families remain self-sufficient," says OCSS’s Gwinnett Judicial Circuit Office Manager John Fayne. "We look forward to helping these parents get back on track with their payments so that they can celebrate Father’s Day knowing that they contributed to their families. For those who don’t take advantage of this opportunity, we will have to take stronger action such as suspending their driver’s license or requiring them to appear in court for a contempt hearing."

For information on applying to the Fatherhood Program and other OCSS services, or to find contact information for an OCSS office, call 404-463-8800 or see

For information, contact:
Barbara Joye 404-657-1385

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