New address for Child Support Payments

December 14, 2005

ATLANTA (GA) – Parents who pay child support in Georgia through the state’s central registry and employers forwarding income withholdings for support owed by an employee should now send the payments to a new address in Carrollton instead of Atlanta.

Parents who mail their own child support payments to the Georgia Family Support Registry should send their payments to: Family Support Registry, P.O. Box 1600, Carrollton, Georgia 30112-1600.

Employers should send income withholdings for Georgia child support payments to: Family Support Registry, P.O. Box 1800, Carrollton, Georgia 30112-1800.

“Our priority is ensuring that support payments reach the custodial families in a timely manner so the children can benefit,” says OCSE Director Robert Riddle. “This address change will reduce the time required to receive and process the payments. I urge everyone who uses the registry to send payments to the Carrollton address from now on.”

The Georgia Family Support Registry was established in 1999 after a federal law required all states to develop a centralized system to receive court-ordered child support payments, regardless of whether the court order was established by the state child support enforcement agency or by a private lawyer. In 2004 the Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) began a partnership with Systems and Methods, Inc., (SMI) a Georgia-based company, to manage the registry.

“Payment processing is more efficient than ever due to SMI’s use of the latest technology, and the Carrollton post office is closer to SMI’s office” says Riddle.

Anyone wishing more information about OCSE services can go to or call the OCSE customer service “hotline”:

1-800-227-7993 (in the Atlanta Metro area: 404-463-8800).

For information, contact:
Barbara Joye 404/657-1385


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