Apply to YES

Apply to be part of the inaugural class of DHS Youth Empowerment Series today! DHS YES is an opportunity for Georgia youth to experience change and create impact. The group will consist of up to 50 students from around the state of Georgia who will grow alongside each other throughout the school year. Participants are selected through the application and interview process described below. 

DHS YES members are expected to work hard alongside their peers for the common good of their community. DHS YES events are mandatory as they are critical to achieving the mission of the program. Each gathering will be different, engaging, productive and fun! If selected to participate, members agree to the following expectations:

1. Attend all DHS YES meetings and events in order to successfully complete the program

2. Stay in communication with other DHS YES participants and leaders

3. Contribute in your fullest capacity during the duration of the series.

4. Actively participate with a great attitude

5. Uplift and support your fellow DHS YES peers

There is no personal monetary cost associated with applying to or completing the series. All expenses are covered if selected as a participant in the Youth Empowerment Series.

The application form for DHS Youth Empowerment Series is currently CLOSED. Thank you for your interest!


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