Office of Facilities & Support Services

The Office of Facilities and Support Services (OFSS) provides an enterprise-wide, cross-divisional approach  to the management of facilities, office space and assets, response to emergencies, records management, risk management, fleet management, and transportation services for the Department of Human Services (DHS).  OFSS increases efficiency, eliminates duplication of effort, reduces costs, provides consistency and technical expertise across all DHS Divisions and Offices and enables the department and its employees to be more responsive to customer needs.   OFSS is responsible for all aspects of:

  • Consumer Transportation Services / Fleet Management
  • Property Management / Space Management
  • Coordination with the Georgia Building Authority
  • DHS Facilities Management
  • Records Management / Insurance / Risk Management
  • 2 Peachtree Mail Services
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordination



Aging Services