DHS Commissioner Responds to Department of Audits Adult Subsidized Employment Program Report

June 16, 2011

ATLANTA– Commissioner Clyde L. Reese of the Georgia Department of Human Services issued the following statement addressing the Department of Audits’ recent ARRA Adult Subsidized Employment Report.

"Very shortly after my transfer to Commissioner of the Department of Human Services in early January of this year to serve in Governor Deal's administration, I was informed by the Department of Audits that an investigation had begun into the Adult Subsidized Employment Program funded by the ARRA stimulus money from the federal government. The program was administered in 2009 and 2010. I committed to DOAA that DHS would cooperate fully in the investigation, and I offered unfettered access to all staff, records, and other information to ensure a full and thorough investigation could be conducted. Now we have the final report on the administration of the program. I am chagrined at the overall picture presented and many of the findings. The ARRA stimulus funding is now a part of the past. However, to the extent this report points to any potentially lingering systemic internal control weaknesses, DHS will immediately institute the proper remedial measures. My goal is to ensure that this Department is a worthy steward of the public's dollars, whatever the source and whatever the program."

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Lisa Marie Shekell 404-657-139

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