Skills for Successful Supervision

Skills for Successful Supervision course is REQUIRED for all supervisors to take within 45 days of becoming a supervisor. These classes are offered to new supervisors first.

Please contact Johnathon Leslie at for information on the available schedule.

Macon Training Center - TBD - Classroom may be cold, please bring sweater or jacket.

Atlanta Training Center - 2 Peachtree Street - 7th Floor - Classroom may be cold, please bring sweater or jacket.

Times: 9am - 4pm every day.

Registering for a class: After notification please select a class to attend and e-mail Johnathon Leslie at

After Registering for a class:
After receiving a confirmation e-mail, please print the documents listed below and the ER Basic Handouts to bring with you to class as one will not be provided for you in class.

Preview, print and bring these PDF's with you to class: 

ER Basic Handouts PDF Document

Supervision PDF Presentation Day 1: Fundamental Supervisory Skills Attached

Day 2: Ethics and Values; Accountability & Progressive Discipline; Employment Law Attached

Day 3: Performance Management Attached

Should you need further information please contact Anne McGowan at

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