DHS Board Presentations & Meeting Minutes

May 2016 Board Presentation

May 2016 Agenda

May 2016 Board Summary

DAS Board Presentation

DCSS Board Presentation

DCSS Board Presentation QMATIC

DFCS Board Presentation

Legislative Update Presentation

FSIU Board Preseatation

AFY16  FY17 General Budget Appropriation

OFI Board Presentation

OFS FY2015 Audit Review Board Presentation

OGC Board Presentation

February 2016 Board Presentation

February 2016 Agenda

February 2016 Board Summary

DAS Assistive Living Technology

DCSS Board Presentation

DHS Employee Engagement Survey

DHS IES Board Presentation

DHS Legislative Budget

LTCO Board Presentation

OGC Board Presentation

OLAC Board Presentation

OIT Board Presentation

December 2015 Board Presentations

December 2015 Agenda

December 2015 Board Summary

DAS Georgia Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias State Plan 

DCSS Board Presentation

DCSS Proposed Rule Changes

DFCS OFI Presentation

DHS Legislative Update

DHS Medical Director Presentation

OGC Board Presentation

October 2015 Board Presentations

October 2015 Agenda

Board Summary

DAS Board Presentation on State Plan on Aging

DFCS Board Presentation

DHS Emergency Management

Georgia Council on Aging

DCSS Board Presentation

OIG Board Presentation 

DCSS Rule Change Board Presentation

August 2015 Board Presentations

August 2015 Agenda

Board Summary

AFY16 & AFY17 Budget

DHS DCSS Board Presentation

DCSS Rule Change Board Presentation

DHS Board Presentation - CCSP HIPAA Breach 

DHS Board Presentation on Credit Report Rule


June 2015 Board Presentations

June 2015 Agenda

June 2015 Minutes

DHS Board Update-Faith and Community Alliance

OGC Board Meeting Presentation

DCSS Board Meeting Presentation

Proposed Amendment to Chapter 290-7-1

Proposed Amendment to Chapter 290-1-8.02

May 2015 Board Presentations

May 2015 Agenda

April 2015 Board Presentations

April 2015 Agenda

DHS AFY15 & FY16 Budget Update

DHS Board Report - FY14 Audit Results

DHS DFCS Updates OFI and CW

DHS Legislative Update

Medical Director Presentation to DHS Board of Directors

February 2015 Board Presentations

February 2015 Agenda

DHS Legislative Update

Georgia Dementia Plan- 2014 Progress Report

The Georgia Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias State Plan

November 2014 Board Presentations

November 2014 Agenda

November 2014 Minutes

Division of Aging Services -  Legislative Study Committee Update

Division of Child Support Services -  Legislative Study Committee Update

September 2014 Board Presentations

September 2014 Agenda

September 2014 Meeting Minutes

Hosted Communications Center Update

DHS Legislative Update

DHS Ministerial and Faith Community Alliance

DHS Supervisor Leadership, Education and Development Academy (LEAD)

August 2014 Board Presentations

August 2014 Agenda

AFY15 & FY16 Budget DHS Board Presentation 

DHS Board Members Fraud Questionaire

July 2014 Board Presentations

July 2014 Agenda

OHRMD Leadership Academy Presentation

GARD Overview and other Initiatives

IES Overview

July 2014 Meeting Minutes

May 2014 Board Presentations

May 2014 Agenda

Update on Privatization

Settlement Day

Yellow Dot Program

Resolution for the Department of Human Services to Request Bond Issuance

May 2014 Meeting Minutes

March 2014 Board Presentations

March 2014 Agenda

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Services in Georgia

Georgia Division of Family & Children Services: Update on Programs & Initiatives

DHS Prison Re-Entry Initiative

DHS Leadership Academy

January 2014 Board Presentations

January 2014 Agenda

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

November 2013 Board Presentations

November 2013 Agenda -Directions to the Roosevelt Institute – Warm Springs

September 2013 Board Presentations

September 2013 Agenda

Board Meeting DFCS Information

GeorgiaOne Briefing

Food Insecurity and Seniors

Integrated Eligibility System Overview

August 2013  Board Presentations

Special Board Meeting Agenda

Department of Human Services FY14 & FY15  Budget Request

July 2013 Board Presentations

July Board Meeting Agenda

July Meeting Minutes

Alzheimer’s Care of Commerce

Kenny A. Update

A Helping Hand to Self-Sufficiency Problem Solving Court

Commissioner Briefing

June 2013 Board Presentations

May Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Conference Call Agenda

May 2013 Board Presentations

Board Meeting Conference Call Agenda

2013 Legislative Session: Day 40 Update

AFY13 & FY14 Appropriations Highlights Presentation

Integrated Eligibility System Presentation

Child Welfare Outcome Measures & Results April 2013

Family Independence Outcome Measures & Results April 2013

Child Welfare Outcome Measures & Results May 2013

Family Independence Outcome Measures & Results May 2013

May 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

March 2013 Board Presentations

March Meeting Minutes

DAS Presentation - Georgias Role in the Balancing Incentive Program

DFCS Presentation - Georgia’s Safety Response System and One Georgia

DCSS - The DCSS Story

OIG Presentation

By Laws

March 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

February 2013 Board Presentations

February 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

DFCS Credit Report Rule 2.12.13

DFCS Credit Report Motion

Credit Report Rule Synopsis


Psychotropic Medication Evaluation Board Presentation 0-5 year old

Ga AfterSchool Youth Develop Conference Presentations

February 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

January 2013 Board Presentations

January 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

December 2012 Board Presentations

Ann White Proclamation

OHRMD Presentation

Georgia Refugee Program Presentation

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Presentation

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Work Group Presentation

Child Welfare Outcome Measures & Results December 2012

Family Independence Outcome Measures & Results December 2012

December 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

October 2012 Board Presentations

DCSS Business Process Management Presentation

DHS Coordinated Transportation System Presentation

EBT & Debit Card Services Project Overview

Strategic Overview Presentation

October 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2012 Board Presentations

Aging Presentation

Child Support Presentation

Social Services Presentation

Day in the Life for DHS

Day in the Life for DHS 2

September 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Phone Conference Minutes

September 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

August 2012 Board Presentations

DCSS National Recognition Presentation

FY13A & FY14 Board Presentation

Fund Source Cleanup Project Presentation

August 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

June 2012 Board Presentations

June 2012 DHS Board Meeting Minutes

Georgia Senior Legal Hotline Presentation

DFCS Georgia's Differential  Response Model Child Welfare Presentation

DHS Call Center Presentation

At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics Presentation

DHS Employee Assistance Program Presentation

June 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

May 2012 Board Presentations

May 2012 DHS Board Meeting Minutes

SNAP Program Fraud and Abuse Processes Presentation

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Transfer Presentation

National Voter Registration Act Presentation

ORCC and OPM Standardization Project Presentation

May 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

April 2012 Board Presentations

April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FY12A & FY13 Appropriations Highlights Presentation

Division of Aging Presentation

2012 Legislative Session: Day 40 Update

Technology Updates Presentation

March 2012 Board Presentations

March 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

DFCS Child Death Presentation

Integrated Eligibility System Presentation

Kenny A. versus Perdue Consent Decree Presentation

LEPSI Board Presentation

Psychotropic Drug Presentation

January 2012 Board Presentations

January 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

2012 Legislative Session Board Presentation

DCSS Enhanced Transitions Job Grant Board Presentation

December 2011 Meeting Summary

December 14, 2011 Minutes

Aging Presentation

DFCS Presentation

December meeting summary

October 2011 Board Presentations

Office of Legislative Affairs and Communications Overview

Office of Facilities and Support Services

Office of Human Resource Management & Development

Technology Update

August 2011 Board Presentations

FY 2012 amended and FY 2013 Budget Recommendations, August 24, 2011 - Revised

Money Follow the Person, August 2011 Update

June 2011 Meeting Summary

JUNE 15, 2011

April 2011 Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2011 Minutes

March 2011 Board Presentations

Summary of DHS Board Meeting

February 2011 Board Presentations


RCC Performance Report

DAS Overview of Programs

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