The Afterschool Care Program keeps children and youth safe when they are not in school. Additionally, afterschool programs offer tutoring services, meals, extracurricular activities and other community-based activities.

During SFY 2020, agencies funded through the Afterschool Care Program provided Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math-based opportunities which allowed children to learn about 21st century career and educational pathways.

Afterschool Care Program response to COVID
Afterschool Care programs throughout the state have embraced creative methods to continuously provide services to students in their communities. All funded programs have implemented virtual learning activities as an option to keep their participants connected and engaged. Many funded partners updated their sanitation policies and practices in preparation for providing in-person programming to a reduced number of participants.

Additionally, most programs expanded their services to provide meal distribution and well-being support to help ease the burden of navigating life during the pandemic. The program’s commitment to children, families and communities helps ensure that low-to-moderate income youth in Georgia still have access to high-quality, out-of-school programming even in unprecedented times.

By the Numbers | Afterschool Care Program

  • 25,903 youths were served through the Afterschool Care Program