The Benefit Integrity and Recovery Unit (BIRU) is charged with investigating recipient fraud in the agency’s public assistance programs. Examples of suspected fraud include withholding or falsifying information in order to receive public assistance to which one is not entitled, and trading or selling Electronic Benefits Transfer cards in violation of program regulations. BIRU has five operating units throughout the state:

  • Benefit Trafficking
  • Claims and Recoveries
  • Fraud Detection and Investigations
  • Investigative Analytics and
  • Knowledge Management
  • Staff Development

Did you know?

You can report waste, fraud or abuse at 1 (844) 694-2347.  

By the Numbers | BIRU

  • In Federal Fiscal Year 2020, the BIRU investigated fraud claims with an established value in excess of $6,031,748
  • 4,870 investigations were completed in SFY 2020
  • 1,382 claims were established from the investigations in SFY 2020
  • $4,364.51 average fraud claim in SFY 2020