Celebrate and support kinship families

September 1, 2019
kinship care month

Children tend to do best when they grow up with people they know and love. When a child or youth can no longer remain in the care of a parent, placement with a relative or close family friend — referred to as kinship caregivers — is the preferred option. September is National Kinship Care Month and we want relatives and caregivers to know, “Yes We Kin.”

Join us as we take time to celebrate and support these family members who step forward when a child’s parents are unable to care for them. Throughout the month we will share services and resources that all three divisions: Division of Aging Services, Division of Child Support Services and Division of Family & Children Services can provide for kinship families:

Georgia has a one-stop shop for information, resources and support for kinship caregivers, known as the Kinship Care Portal.

During September — and all year long – we salute all the caregivers, case managers, service providers and volunteers and proclaim that “Yes We Kin!”

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