The Dementia Friends program began in June 2019, with the goal of increasing the number of Dementia Friends in Georgia. The campaign helps communities learn how they can become better friends, neighbors and relatives to people who live with dementia. In SFY 2020, each AAA had at least one representative designated a Dementia Friends Champion.

These Champions host Dementia Friends Information Sessions to create more Dementia Friends across the state. Due to COVID-19, Dementia Friends USA permitted Information Sessions to be offered online. Because the sessions are meant to be interactive, they are encouraged to be used in small groups with chat features when administered online. This new format will allow the aging network to utilize Dementia Friends in a new and exciting way.

By the Numbers | Dementia Friends

  • 1,056 Dementia Friends in SFY 2020
  • 60 Information Sessions will be hosted by Dementia Friends Champions in SFY 2021

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