Noncustodial parents who are having difficulty paying child support may receive services that can help them achieve self-sufficiency and provide for their children to avoid contempt action on their support order.

The Fatherhood program offers assistance in accessing training and employment opportunities. The Fatherhood program also encourages parents to increase emotional, parental and financial involvement in the lives of their children. Services include:

  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • GED enrollment
  • Job training
  • Job search/placement
  • Volunteer work opportunities
  • Review and modification of support order

David's experience in the Fatherhood program

By the Numbers | Fatherhood program

  • 8,721 parents enrolled in the Fatherhood program in SFY 2020
  • 1,666 noncustodial parents were referred to GED and short-term job training programs
  • 12,708 children received increased support from parents who enrolled in the Fatherhood program
  • $5,271,860 was collected from Fatherhood participants in SFY 2020