The Forensic Special Initiatives Unit (FSIU) aids the Division and other local, state and federal partners in their efforts to protect Georgia’s at-risk adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The unit provides technical assistance and case consultations and offers a two-day At-Risk Crime Tactics (ACT) certification course. The course trains professionals to identify and investigate cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation. The ACT training is open to primary and secondary responders including:

  • Law enforcement
  • Judges and prosecutors
  • Health care providers and medical services personnel
  • Employees of financial institutions
  • Regulatory/social/victim service workers
  • Other professionals who respond to the abuse,neglect and exploitation of at-risk adults

By the Numbers | FSIU

  • 269 law enforcement officers, medical staff, prosecutors and other mandated reporters were trained by FSIU on issues pertaining to the abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults.
  • Since training began in SFY 2011, 3,345 have become ACT Specialists