ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Human Services is seeking volunteers and organizations to raise awareness about a new program that gives first responders immediate access to important medical information in the event of an emergency.

The program, known as Yellow Dot, is designed to help first responders provide appropriate medical attention during that first “golden hour” after a medical emergency.

A yellow dot in the driver side rear window of a vehicle or the "triple tree" of a motorcycle will alert first responders that vital medical information is stored in the glove compartment. The Yellow Dot program can also be used in the home by placing the decal on or beside the front or entry door.

The Department is seeking volunteers and organizations to assist in getting Yellow Dot packets to those who may benefit from the program.

The Department urges those interested to attend an informational meeting Dec. 15 in Fairview Park in Dublin at 12 p.m. The Yellow Dot Program will launch in Laurens and Clarke County in early 2016.

Anyone interested in participating in the program should contact Amanda James with the Georgia Department of Human Services at or by calling (404) 895-1476. 

The Yellow Dot Program is made possible by a partnership between the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and Alliant Georgia Medical Care Foundation.

For more information on the Yellow Dot Program and other programs within the Department’s Division of Aging Services, please visit or call 1-866-552-4464.