Parents: Get help with job skills, education and other resources

During the month of August, the Department of Human Services is focusing on “vision through a child’s eyes” in observance of Child Support Awareness Month. Children need the emotional and financial support of both parents to thrive. When looking at life from a child’s perspective, it’s easier to see where to focus our efforts to provide a stable foundation for children’s growth and success. 

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) offers programs and resources for custodial and noncustodial parents. DCSS has several programs that can help noncustodial parents meet their child support obligations and provides helpful resources for custodial parents to access information about their case.

Each week this month, DHS will focus on how parents can use the following resources to work together for their child: 

  • Outreach programs like Fatherhood and the Parental Accountability Court, that help parents with job skills and address issues that keep parents from making regular payments  
  • Multiple self-service options that make accessing information or paying support available in several ways 
  • DCSS staff members who work with parents to support children 

2020 Child Support Services Awareness Month

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