February 01, 2021

Easily determine your child support payments from home

The Division of Child Support Services works with many other state agencies to provide resources to assist customers with learning more about their child support obligations.

One of these resources is the Georgia Child Support Calculator, developed by the Georgia Child Support Commission. This user-friendly calculator is the official resource for parents, attorneys and other individuals involved in a child support case. The calculator estimates monthly child support payments in compliance with Georgia's Child Support Guidelines statute O.C.G.A. §19-6-15. According to the Georgia Child Support Commission, the information entered in the calculator is used to determine a presumptive amount of child support.

In recent years, the child support calculator has been updated from its previous excel-based version to an account-based website. Parents are now able to create an account on the website which saves their information so they can share it with their attorneys. Printable forms can be created using saved customer information for parents to file with their respective courts, and the forms can also be made available to the courts through the website.

Click here to access the child support calculator and create an account online The Georgia Child Support Commission also provides a how-to guide to help beginners navigate the calculator.