Join a virtual Fatherhood Conversation

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) works to increase the emotional, parental and financial support for children. Sometimes, parents face challenges that prevent them from being able to pay their full child support obligation. This can lead to contempt actions in court, suspended driver’s licenses or even time in jail. In these cases, the DCSS Fatherhood program connects parents with local resources to help them continue their education and find better employment opportunities.

In partnership with the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., DCSS hosts virtual Fatherhood Conversations to give parents an opportunity to speak with local Fatherhood agents, schools and businesses about their services. During the Fatherhood Conversations, parents are introduced to county-specific representatives that assist with driver’s license reinstatement, GED enrollment and job training and placement.

The Conversations also provide information on the child support enforcement process, including income withholding and driver’s license suspension. Participants can receive direct answers to their questions regarding these processes, ensuring that they understand the importance of paying support as ordered.

In 2020, DCSS began hosting Fatherhood Conversations virtually to provide parents who are unable to attend in-person events an opportunity to learn more about the Fatherhood program. The Conversations are equally as interactive online and are made available via Zoom and Facebook Live.

For more information about the Fatherhood program and upcoming Fatherhood Conversations, visit, follow the Georgia Department of Human Services Facebook page at, or view our upcoming events at