Children and families need supportive communities

We all have a role to play in creating communities where all children and families belong. Families thrive in communities that offer plenty of supportive resources and opportunities for them to build meaningful connections with others. Children living in strong, thriving families surrounded by supportive communities are less likely to experience abuse and neglect. 

The unique actions we all take can nurture communities so that everyone can thrive. Ensuring children grow up healthy is not just a parent or caregiver’s responsibility alone. When individuals from all sectors of the community play a role in creating nurturing environments, we can ensure children grow up safe, happy and healthy and become successful, productive adults in society. Everyone can help support families and help prevent child abuse and neglect by playing a larger role in their community.  

Take a step in April during National Child Abuse Prevention Month to help build more supportive communities. Visit for more information, resources and ways to get involved.