Division of Aging Services Employee Spotlight

This week we are excited to highlight Adult Protective Services (APS) Supervisor Lisa Adair. Adair has worked for APS since 2012. While her career began in the foster care system, she always had a special connection to the elderly.

“This is my faith and passion. I cannot see myself doing anything else,” Adair said. “I was raised by my grandmother and I always wanted to help people. I was always around older adults and would see firsthand what impacted them and what services were needed.”

As a supervisor, she is happy to be able to pass the lessons she has learned on to her unit and peers.

“My favorite part of the job is coming up with ways to improve situations or make something totally different and new,” Adair said. “I ask my unit members to think of what resources we can offer to improve someone’s life or how we can use our time in a more productive way.”

She enjoys working with her team out in the field as well as educating the community on APS programs. She knows how rewarding working in aging is and emphasized to those looking to start down this career path that this work gives you the opportunity to make a real difference.

“In the profession of social work, just remember that you are making a great contribution to our state and society,” Adair said. “You are helping someone through some of their most challenging and troubling times. Also, remember you are helping relieve people’s suffering, fight for social justice and improve lives and communities.

“Elderly and disabled adults truly need the services that are provided,” she said. “At times we may feel undervalued, but please be aware that this work truly matters. By providing emotional support, services and ensuring that the seniors and disabled adults are safe we assist them in having a happy life.”

Thank you to all our employees working in the aging field. We appreciate the work you do to help Georgia’s seniors and disabled adults. Learn more about a rewarding career in the aging field here.