April 21, 2022

Learn how you can get involved this Child Abuse Prevention Month

Graphic promoting Child Abuse Prevention Month

 April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to celebrate our communities and lift up the work and partners we rely on to ensure every child has the chance to thrive. 

Below are a few examples of how caring and innovative adults, including policy makers, business leaders and community members can help prevent child abuse and neglect or other early adversities. To see a more detailed list of roles and actions to help Georgia’s families thrive, visit belongingforhope.org/prevention-roles-actions.

  • Business leaders can promote a culture of parent support. 
  • Policy makers can identify and assess which policies may positively impact the lives of children and families and reduce possible barriers to families receiving needed support and resources.  
  • Faith communities can offer space for parent and youth activities. 
  • Family and youth serving organizations can train staff on preventing, recognizing and responding to child abuse using the Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children, Connections Matter, Protective Factors or Mandated Reporter Trainings. 
  • Educators can follow up if something seems wrong with a child and be ready to connect families with local resources.  
  • Friends and neighbors can help break the social isolation some parents may experience and encourage parents to seek support when needed by calling the 1-800-CHILDREN (244-5373) helpline.  
  • Individuals can volunteer for an after-school mentoring program. 

Want to know how else you can help? Georgia released a State Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Plan that includes ways individuals, communities, workplaces and others can get involved. As Georgians, we have the collective power to strengthen families by advocating for policies, programs and practices that increase family economic stability, access to early childhood education, family physical and mental health, family resilience and community awareness of child abuse and neglect prevention strategies.  

You can learn more about the plan or download a copy at tinyurl.com/GACANPP. Find your role today!