November 04, 2022

Celebrate National Adoption Month

Across the country, November is recognized as National Adoption Month. In the last fiscal year, 1,228 children were adopted in the State of Georgia. This year, we aim to increase this number by partnering with countless individuals to help raise awareness for youth looking for their forever families. 

According to national data from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System fiscal year 2020 report, “Only 5 percent of all children who were adopted in 2020 were 15-18 years old.” Teenagers and young adults often wait longer for adoption than younger children. Because of this, older youth are more reluctant to pursue adoption due to trauma, conflicting loyalties to family and caregivers, or fear of lost identity. However, these youth still want the long-term stability a family brings, even as adults.  

Because of this, during National Adoption Month, the U.S. Children’s Bureau is urging people to focus on the thousands of teenagers and young adults in foster care who need unconditional support, commitment, and love from a family. The 2022 theme, “Small Steps Open Doors,” highlights the importance of each step taken to educate the public, partner with child welfare staff, and ensure the voices of youth in foster care are heard. By taking these steps, we can address some of the barriers in achieving permanency and create opportunities to match each child with the right family.  

For information on Georgia’s children looking for caring forever families to help make their dreams come true, please visit or call 1-877-423-4746 and select option 2.