Children's Transition Care Centers (CTCC)

A facility which provides a temporary, home-like environment for medically fragile children, technology dependent children, and children with special health care needs, up to 21 years of age, who are deemed clinically stable by a physician but are dependent on life-sustaining medications, treatments, and equipment, and who require assistance with activities of daily living to facilitate transitions from a hospital or other facility to a home or other appropriate setting.
  • Child welfare agencies and other facilities and centers wherein children and youths are detained which are operated by any department or agency of state, county, or municipal government.
  • Any bona fide boarding school whose primary purpose of admission is education, provided that such facility in order to claim exemption shall operate under a published academic educational curriculum which meets the requirements of the State Department of Education, shall have classroom facilities which are not used for residential living and shall not have been granted nor have assumed legal custody of children attending the facility.
  • Facilities owned and operated by the state or federal government.

Type Requirements:

  • A Children’s Transition Care Center must obtain a license or temporary license.

Legal Authority:  O.C.G.A. §§ 49-5-12, 49-5-12.1, 49-2-17, 49-5-3, 49-5-8, and 49-5-60 et seq.

The following link will take you to the Code of Georgia-Free Public Access website: Official Code of Georgia Annotated


For an application regarding CTCC’s, please make a request through the website or contact our office at 404 657-9651.

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