The Services Section (SS) consists of the following teams:

  • Asset Management Unit
  • Facilities Unit
  • Mail Services/State Office Operations
  • Records Management
  • Risk Management

The Asset Management Unit (AMU) provides expertise and guidance to all DHS divisions and offices related to asset management services. OFSS administers the Department’s statewide asset management of surplus in accordance with the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) policies, procedures, and strategic goals. DHS Asset Management activities include:

  • Inputting the annual Risk Management Services (RMS) content value in Building, Land and Lease Inventory of Property (BLLIP) for insurance renewals for leased and owned facilities
  • Inputting Asset Inventory Data into State Accounting Office (SAO) TeamWorks and PeopleSoft programs
  • Conducting site-visits and spot audits (as needed)
  • Coordinating with DOAS, the agency’s divisions and offices, and internal and external auditors

The Facilities Unit (FU) is responsible for proper management of the six (6) state-owned and DHS operated facilities. The six state-owned and DHS operated buildings are located in the following counties:  Ben Hill, Dougherty (DHS-operated), Gwinnett, Houston, Peach and Troup. The Facilities Unit oversees all vendor agreements at the six facilities. The FU also completes inspections of all leased facilities and follows up on occupant complaints at the leased facilities.

The Mail Services/State Office Operations unit is responsible for providing mail services at the agency’s state office. State Office operations include processing badge access and deactivation requests, submitting work orders and payments via Basic Expenditure forms on behalf of the agency, assisting with parking, and completing special projects.

The Records Management Unit (RMU) is responsible for maintaining an accurate, accessible, and compliant records management system. The RMU processes the agency’s quarterly record retention invoices from the Board of Regents and provides guidance to the agency’s divisions and offices on the state’s record retention policies. The Risk Management Unit (RM) is responsible for a host of risk management activities that include:

  • administering the Driver Check program for DHS and DBHDD.
  • completing the agency’s annual Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP), collecting and organizing specific program data from the divisions and offices for submission to the OFSS and DHS leadership for approval, review, and signature.
  • assisting DFCS Caseworkers and Regional Transportation Offices (RTOs) with processing auto, foster parent, and property damage claims to ensure documentation is submitted correctly to DOAS Risk Management.
  • Completing fleet management activities for the Department of Behavioral Health, and Development Disabilities (DBHDD) to include the acquisition, leasing, assignment, use, transfer, disposal, and reporting of DBHDD-titled vehicles. Conducting site visits/inspections on OFSS operated vehicles.


Department of Administrative Services (DOAS):