Maternity Supportive Housing Residence (MSHR)

Effective July 1, 2022, RCCL began registering Maternity Supportive Housing Residences (MSHR) in accordance with Georgia law.

Betsy’s Law, passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2022 as Senate Bill 116, provides for registration of maternity supportive housing residences to provide housing for pregnant women. See O.C.G.A § 49-5-25.


A Maternity Supportive Housing Residence means a residential home that houses on behalf of a nonprofit organization up to six pregnant women aged 18 years or older and their minor children at any one time during the women’s pregnancy and up to 18 months after childbirth; provided; however, that no medical services shall be provided.


  • A child welfare agency, as defined by O.C.G.A. § 49-5-12
  • The residential home of a relative in which a woman receives maternity care
  • A general or special hospital

Eligibility for Registration:

A registration certificate, valid for one (1) year, shall be issued upon receipt of an application for registration, payment of the registration fee, and receipt of a notarized attestation by the applicant, along with supporting documentation, that the maternity supportive housing residence:

  1. Has written policies and procedures for admission, intake and record keeping;
  2. Is in compliance with applicable residential building codes;
  3. Has property insurance coverage on the residence; and
  4. Has the ability to provide, either directly or through partnerships with local nonprofits or government agencies and programs, assistance with wraparound services such as nutritional support, childcare, transportation and vocational training.

Legal Authority: O.C.G.A § 49-5-25

The following link will take you to the Code of Georgia-Free Public Access website: Official Georgia Code Annotated


Annual Registration: $250.00

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