The Facilities Section (PSS) consists of the following teams:

  1. Contracts Unit for DHS Owned/Operated Facilities
  2. Leasing Unit (LU)
  3. State Operations

The Contracts Unit is responsible for processing the new and renewal contracts for the agency’s six state-owned and DHS operated facilities. The Contracts Unit is also responsible for processing the vendor invoices for the standard contracts for the agency’s six (6) state-owned and DHS operated facilities. Standard contracts that are processed by the Contracts Unit include card access, elevator, HVAC, janitorial, and landscaping services.

The Leasing Unit (LU) is responsible for ensuring proper management of the Department of Human Services (DHS) leased facilities (approximately 219). The DHS-leased facilities are in all 159 counties in Georgia, which are owned by private and public county entities. Key activities of the Leasing Unit include:

  • Preparing Space Action Forms (SAFs) for lease renewals, renegotiations, cancellations, and relocation requests.
  • Entering lease data into the MRI-ProLease Database and generating reports.
  • Ensuring DHS offices efficiently use office space: evaluating space occupancy and capacity.
  • Programming space, design review and development and assisting with move planning and move-in/out inspections, construction phase completion inspections, and other project close-out tasks.
  • Evaluating lease documents, proposals, and reports, including total cost of occupancy, lease budget and reconciliation of charges for rent, utilities, common area maintenance (CAM), taxes and insurance charges, etc.
  • Coordinating meetings with the State Properties Commission (SPC), the agency’s divisions and offices, and internal and external auditors. The LU is the primary contact and liaison between DHS and the State Properties Commission.


State Properties Commission (SPC): https://gspc.georgia.gov