DHS Strategic Plan

Through each of its programs and services, the Georgia Department of Human Services strives to fulfill its mission of creating Stronger Families for a Stronger Georgia.

To assure that the Department’s services positively impact the vulnerable families who seek to live safer, more independent lives, it is incumbent upon the leaders of the organization to continually develop and evaluate strategies to strengthen Georgia by strengthening its families.

The Department of Human Services Strategic Plan (SFY 2017-2019) seeks to support the governor's goals for the state of Georgia by improving service delivery to its most vulnerable residents. It also supports the Department’s reform effort, called the Blueprint for Change, to develop a robust workforce, strengthen practice models and engage constituents on all levels.

These goals include:

  • Optimizing the Department’s response to abuse and neglect
  • Strengthening educational support systems for children in the custody of the state of Georgia
  • Enhancing Departmental efforts to obtain food security for seniors in our state
  • Expanding a safety net for children and adults who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect by educating and empowering stakeholders to recognize the signs of abuse and intervene on behalf of at-risk children and adults in our state
  • Improving customer service through employee retention and education efforts
  • Increasing access to services and information through the utilization of mobile technologies

Click here to view the DHS Strategic Plan (SFY 2017-2019).

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