DHS Strategic Plan

Through each of its programs and services, the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) strives to fulfill its vision of creating Stronger Families for a Stronger Georgia. To ensure that the Department’s services positively impact individuals who seek to live safer, more independent lives, it is incumbent upon the leaders of the organization to continually develop and evaluate strategies to make government leaner and more efficient and to strengthen Georgia by strengthening its families.

The Department of Human Services' 2020-2024 Strategic Plan supports the Governor's Strategic Goals for Georgia to make Georgia No. 1 for small business, reform state government, strengthen rural Georgia, and put Georgians first.

The Department's goals include:

  1. Building a workforce that supports a strong business environment and small business by removing bureaucratic barriers to public-private partnerships.
  2. Strengthening strategic partnerships and utilize technology to improve service delivery.
  3. Increasing access to programs and services that meet the cognitive and educational needs of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents.
  4. Promoting programs that empower Georgians to improve their economic, medical, and mental well-being.

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