Office of Communications

The Office of Communications (OC) works to inform and educate the public, stakeholders and Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) employees on issues related to the Department’s services and programs. OC supports the entire agency in media response, strategic message creation and internal and external communications plan development and execution.

Additionally, OC provides oversight and coordination of the Department’s call centers and the Limited English Proficiency and Sensory Impaired (LEP/SI) program. OC also manages constituent services and outreach efforts.

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Contact Director of Communications

Kylie Winton

Constituent Services
[email protected]

DHS Presenter Request
Request an agency representative to speak about DHS and ways to get involved in your community. We regularly attend meetings for groups like rotary clubs, chambers of commerce and faith and nonprofit organizations to discuss ways to help vulnerable children, families and adults. Invite us to speak at your next meeting!