File Incident Reports

The Office of the Inspector General, Residential Child Care Licensing section licenses Child Caring Institutions, Child Placing Agencies, Outdoor Child Caring Programs, Children’s Transitional Care Centers and Maternity Homes. Daycare, home daycare and after school program reports or complaints are sent to Bright from the Start: Department of Early Care and Learning.

The Incident Intake Information Form is the format that is "acceptable to the department" and is to be used when reporting all facility/agency self reported incidents. Licensed facilities are to download the Incident Intake Information Form to their computer and save it. The facility/agency may type all of the requested information into the form and save it again. All Incident Intake Information Forms are to be sent to RCC via e-mail to [email protected] with the completed form attached. Self-Reports are not taken over the phone and may not be sent to individual RCC staff. If a facility/agency cannot save or attach the form, please contact [email protected] and RCC staff will send you the form in another format. Please use the Step by Step Guide as a reference for completing the form.

Download this pdf file. RCC Incident Intake Information Form

To save a completed form to a local drive; right click on the document upon completion; choose "print"; choose "save as PDF" as the destination; click "save" and the completed document may then be renamed and saved.