The Youth Empowerment Series (YES)

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 YES participants!

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The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) is dedicated to providing access to resources that offer support and empower Georgians and their families, thus ensuring “Stronger Families for a Stronger Georgia.” Each respective division - Aging Services, Child Support Services and Family and Children Services – acts as an integral piece in delivering those services to Georgia families.

A critical component of the anatomy of Georgia’s families are children. The Youth Empowerment Series (YES) is a new program that works with high school students who are passionate about helping to create a stronger Georgia. During the school year, DHS YES members will utilize their unmatched knowledge and unique life experiences to create an environment to foster change and impact. YES members will develop their leadership skills through aiding meaningful conversation with leadership, examining critical issues that face Georgia youth, and participating in community service.

Support Georgia’s families by providing opportunities for empowerment, learning and community impact to youth

Transforming Georgia families by empowering youth to be tomorrow’s leaders, today


  • Growth & Development. YES focuses on practical, personal and professional development with a belief that this program enables youth to recognize and harness their own potential.
  • Engagement. We value teen-youth input on the services DHS provides to Georgia families. Our program encourages youth to tap into the importance of their opinion and participation. Learning about community involvement on all levels, shows youth their voices can and will make a difference.
  • Opportunity. YES connects our members with the endless opportunities provided here in Georgia.  


  • DHS leadership gain insight from the youth voice
  • Members and leadership work together to help improve quality of life for Georgia’s vulnerable youth  
  • Members acquire helpful insight on public policy that directly affects the youth
  • Members develop both personally and professionally through workshops, conversation and service opportunities
  • Members work alongside driven teen-youth 
  • Members build meaningful relationships with peers and agency mentors
  • Members meet and network with high profile leadership
  • Members gain an important support system which allows greater success in the future 

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